Monday, April 14, 2008

Set Map Web GIS Solutions

SetMap is evolving as one of the best Web-GIS solution.

Evolution of SetMap can be understood by looking at the evolution of Blogger. SetMap is planning to release the first version of Web-GIS solution with limited feature set. The way you feel your own space in a blog site, the way you can customize your blog site, you can do the same on SetMap.

Features of SetMap:
1. For GIS-Data Providers. Now they can host their own web-based GIS solution using SetMap. They can customize L&F of their map, can share UGC's, etc.
2. No need of Google maps, Yahoo maps, etc. Enjoy the freedom of your "own maps"
3. Freedom of sharing Inter-user-generated-content
4. Host your mapping site with 4-5 clicks. Add your GIS data in few clicks, and feel the freedom

SetMap is set to launch the product free-of-cost in next couple of months.