Thursday, November 19, 2009

BIGMaps is live on Facebook


Finally BIGMaps is live on Facebook via an application. This is the first time on web you can see the 'Search' and 'Maps' combo feature provided by BIGMaps.

The URL :

The Application profile says:

"You can use this application to map your home, office or even your favorite restaurant and add it to your profile. You can also use it to make your profile more interesting by adding the location of your college or university. You can even point out your next vacation spot. Add this application and have fun."

"BIGMaps is a local search platform. Along with local information services, BIGMaps offers directions, movies and events. It is currently available on one of the India's largest mobile network and can be accessed through SMS, Mobile browser and the mobile client. The platform is integrated with GIS, Search, Advertising and UGC and it will be available across web, voice and PNDs. BIGMaps Platform will be open to public very soon."

BIGMaps is now entering into each and every field on Web and Mobile. The intentions are crystal clear.. proliferate and rule the web :)

Cheers !