Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Census / Google Maps Mashup

This page links to maps that combine U.S. Census Bureau information with Google Maps; the Mapeteria service allows you to map your own data.

See my FAQ and my blog entries about maps.

These maps let you flip between a number of different, related, demographic maps.

  • Race and density: population density, percent White, Black, Latino, Asian, Hawai'ian/Pacific Islander, Native American
  • Age distribution: median age and age groups
  • Housing units: percent occupied, vacant, owner-occupied, rentals
  • Household composition: percent single men without kids, single women without kids, single men with kids, single women with kids, married couples with kids, married couples without kids

Other maps:

If you want to roll your own map, see the expert mode form.

There are some strangenesses in the data.

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