Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Google map Icon Creator, Applications and the Future

If you've ever done any development work that includes Google maps and you're not a genius with Photoshop then this should certainly help - Terra IMS' Mapicon Factory.

It has a great UI and has a free option, it's great for creating unique icons for your Google maps.

It's been a busy couple of weeks here at the kitchen table, when Elliott and I haven't been coding we've been discussing the future and more to the point our plans for Roomstr. The conversations have been the usual mix of frank debate and down right excitement about what the project has become.

Yesterday we came to our decision over the application and the future.

The outcome was that we are not going to release Roomstr as a downloadable application, we will be initially launching it as a UK property search site. We know it has huge potential to disrupt the UK property market as some of the user generated map based features will bring a whole new set of benefits to house hunters.

To achieve this will mean some big changes to our own organisation, we'll have to grow and focus, this will mean divesting some of our current projects and so Folkstr will be put up for sale.

We will also be looking at building the team, to add the necessary new skills and once the site has gained enough traction probably look at finding the right equity partner.

Roomstr's unique use of maps, video, sms, mobile and user content has huge potential, it's going to take a lot of phone calls and shoe leather to get Estate Agents on board but we're ready for that

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