Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Location Masti


Mobiance announces "Location Masti" - inviting all hackers for a month long celebration of innovation, creativity and technology.

Location Masti is an opportunity for hackers to use Mobiance's pioneering mobile location technology with other sources of data/ APIs and build innovative applications


Location Masti is a location hack event to build innovative mashups based on Location based services using Mobiance's location technology. The event organized by Mobiance is aimed at exploring the countless avenues to build useful and relevant location aware applications by hackers in a spirit of innovation, creativity and masti.

Mobiance will be inviting hackers to take part in this 30 day event building innovative location enabled applications in the fields of social networking, navigation, local search and a whole lot more. In addition to Mobiance's unique technology to determine the location of mobile phones, hackers can aggregate multiple sources of data, make use of various available APIs and tools to deliver their next "killer" application!

Registrations would be open on the 1st of December, 2007. The event will stretch for a period of 30 days from 15th January, 2008 where the developers will be able to use Mobiance's location feeds and build applications that are useful and relevant to individuals by using their location.


Announcement of Location Masti: 26th November, 2007

Registrations: 1st December, 2007 to 31st December, 2007

Event run dates: 15th January, 2008 to 15th February, 2008

Final demo and submission: 15th February, 2008

Announcement of results: 1st March, 2008

Live pilots with winning applications: Second quarter 2008


Hackers at Location Masti will have simulated location feeds of 20 people available through a web service that they can use in building their applications. The web service will allow requests for both real time location and the archived location of the person at every quarter of an hour for the past day for use by the applications.

If the participants would like to have live location of privacy approved phones instead of simulated feeds, Location Masti allows that too. Just a form to be submitted online and the location feed will be available.

Details of Mobiance's Location feed APIs and web services will be made available to registered hackers at the time of registration.


Location Masti is open to all people above 15 years of age and who are accepted by Mobiance as "hackers". Hackers can participate

  • as individual "hacker" or
  • as a "team" of hackers with upto 10 members. Hackers can belong to only one team.
  • Corporate hackers may join in the fun

Number of entries

Hackers or teams can submit any number of hacks but will need to specify their hacks at the time of registration.

Accessing Mobiance location Feed

Hackers will be provided a unique access code for each application at the time of registration. This code will be needed to access Mobiance's APIs and/or web services by the applications. Hackers will be required to maintain the privacy of this access code.

Submission of entries

The hackers can make their application available through a URL for demo purposes subject to presentation rules. For submission of entries, the code will have to be uploaded with documentation and instructions through a mechanism communicated to the hackers by Mobiance.


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