Thursday, March 5, 2009

Giagantic GIS

GIS in India is proliferating at jet speed !! And not only GIS, but more products are taking birth with solutions built around it. Mostly in Local Search , classifieds, LBS and mapping solutions.

Recently rediff maps came into picture. It was a huge disappointment after looking at this beta product. It looks like they were in real hurry to push this product live without even thinking to correct their basics right. Its a crap, and we know it.

Giants in Indian mapping like google maps, yahoo maps, mapmyindia are steadily progressing at a slower pace. As such, no new innovations are visible, but they are not at all quiet. They are adding up the data on daily basis. Mostly, yahoo maps are pushing more detailed tiles for 2nd, 3rd tier cities of India. Google is more into launching their routing solutions for India. Looking at directions in India on google maps will be fun. Hopefully, the routing features will be similar as they provide on US maps.

Vidteq has come up with a brilliant product for Bangalore Junta. Showing videos of roads and traffic while searching a route is the best feature a user can demand for. Good luck ! Vidteq team :)


Sandeep said...

hello there,
Great blog! I actually wanted to contact you for some advice on a map-matching project, since you have such great experience in open-source GIS.

I wrote a mail to - is that the correct email?

Hoping for a reply.

Anonymous said...

actually, mapmyindia supplies map data to yahoo - mapmyindia is the brand of ce info systems - they are acknowledged on yahoo maps portal. my research says this :)

their data has been increasing steadily, and they have even launched GPS navigation for india -

its good to see mapping finally take off, and make life easy for us consumers!

ritesh said...

@Sandeep.. you are correct !


True enuf :) Seems like mapmyindia will leave yahoo maps far behind .. in terms of services + data.

Google maps is now showing directions in India on their mapmaker site .. though its not showing correct route directions for Mumbai .. but who knows.. google is google !!