Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Map Manager is a powerful OGC-compliant Internet mapping solution providing organizations the ability to present, link, distribute and publish geomatics-based data, products and services. Map Manager provides an advanced infrastructure for users to access spatial information from disparate data sources and to display the information in powerful, easy-to-use WWW browser client applications.

  • Map Manager Client - Client application developed using PHTML and provides Web browser GIS functionality without any plug-ins or downloads.

  • Map Manager Server - A powerful OGC and ArcIMS-compliant Internet Map Server for hosting and serving a variety of vector and raster layers.

  • Map Manager Portlet - Contains all the functionality of the Web Map Manager Client but developed and deployed using the J2EE environment. Can be easily embedded into an external Web page with little effort. Map Manager Portlet comes configured with a Map Manager servlet for communication and directional messaging.

  • Map Manager Search Portlet - A "wizard" type interface for combining and dynamically interacting with search and map operations.

  • Map Manager Servlet - A servlet for interacting with Map Manager portlets.

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