Thursday, October 11, 2007

msCross: AJAX (WEB 2.0) WEB GIS Client

msCross is a AJAX (WEB 2.0) WEB GIS client, initially developed to be a Javascript interface for UMN Mapserver.
msCross was developed to allow users dinamically display geographical information layers on the web. It was developed to be cross-browser. The main objective is to permit users to simply create Google Maps-style applications, using only Free Software.
The SourceForge project can be viewed on the web site:

If you are interested in developing msCross, write to

The msCross has been tested with the following web browsers:
  1. Mozilla Firefox >= 1.0.5
  2. Internet Exploer >= 6.0
  3. Opera >= 8.51
  1. Free Software, distributed under GPL (Open Source)
  2. Client side
  3. Cross-browser / cross-platform
  4. Simple use (only one javascript file, no installation is required)
  5. Easily customizable and extensible
  6. Based on AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technique
  7. UMN Mapserver CGI interface support
  8. Point Overlay support
  9. OGC WFS client support (Web Feature Service, Open Geospatial Consortium: pdf) for point layers
  10. new OGC WMS client support (Web Map Service, Open Geospatial Consortium: pdf)
  11. new Easy Toolbar customization
  12. new Debugging mode
Screenshot 1
Here is possible to try it.

Screenshot 2
Point Overlay example (WFS)

Screenshot 3
Simulations analyzer

Screenshot 4
OGC WMS protocol


  1. mscross.js v1.1.9 (date: 20070218)

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