Friday, October 5, 2007

MapServer dbox

dbox is really a collection of DHTML-based libraries for building highly interactive web-based mapping applications. The tools are meant to work directly with the MapServer web mapping system. They provide relatively autonomous functionality without restricting overall design. In fact, they were designed to be used with old fashioned elements like tables.

Functionality includes:

  • dbox.js (drawing canvas and image manager)
    • applied to pre-defined image or div anchor
    • "rubber-band" box tool
    • drag pan tool
    • linear drawing tool
    • polygon drawing tool
  • dLegend.js (legend manager)
    • tree-style navigation and layer control based on an XML legend file
  • dContainer.js (generic, scrollable container)
    • applied to pre-defined image or div anchor
  • mapserv.js (client-side coordinate management)
    • coordinates are managed completely on the client using javascript
    • MapServer is called as an image engine, no templates are used


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