Thursday, October 4, 2007

Simple Recipes for the UMN Mapserver

When I started using the UMN Mapserver , I found myself often looking for a simple example that illustrated just one concept, and was small enough that I could understand just one piece of Mapserver without having to plow through lots of code. These Mapserver Recipes are my attempt to improve that situation.

These examples are written using PHP/Mapscript. I assume you already have a working installation of Mapserver and PHP/Mapscript on your machine (although the first example can be used to find out whether you really do!).

Take special note that you will have to edit SHAPEPATH ,IMAGEPATH , and IMAGEURL in each .MAP file to match your own installation. If your web server is not configured to use PHP/Mapscript for .PHTML files, you'll have to reconfigure your server or rename the recipe files.

You can download all the the PHTML and MAP files at , and then follow the links to download the data files from USGS. At the moment this is the useful example:

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