Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Open GIS World !

Few weeks back I was assigned an evaluation work of available Open Source GIS engines. My key interest was to check & compare the features of Web based Open GIS engines. I downloaded few of them, configured and checked different properties. After fighting hard in configuring new engines and checking the features, I started reading articles, blogs and other online data about other available open engines.

I looked at :

  1. Featureserver
  2. FWTools
  3. GeoRss
  4. GeoServer
  5. GRASS
  6. MapGuide
  7. Mapserver
  8. uDig
  9. QGis
  10. etc
After thorough assessment and evaluation, I was in LOVE !! And, all of my requirements are fulfilled by MAPSERVER.

The analysis work proved the superiority of MapServer over others on following grounds:

  1. Intelligent Line Labeling (over curves).
  2. Partial Labeling.
  3. Intelligent Point Labeling (avoiding overlaps)
  4. Rendering Speed.
  5. Good documentation.
  6. Works with Multiple Platforms – Windows, Linux.
  7. Support for multiple data formats.
  8. Easy configuration.

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